Face Masks - Resuable Washable Fabric Approved AFNOR SPEC S76-001 Barrier Coverings

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Face masks online with eco reusable washable fabric ADULT sized double cotton layer, AFNOR SPEC S76-001 barrier face masks and coverings. 

Options of elastic OR cotton straps. 

They are designed to give the wearer peace of mind and confidence but are not medical grade. They are not designed to totally protect the wearer against airborne bacteria, pollen's, irritants or viruses.

Supporting Businesses getting back to Work

AFNOR Spec S76-001  - Barrier masks and face coverings 1.0 can now be used by any company or public service which wishes to place an order with a mask manufacturer, to equip its employees. 

You can find me listed on the approved supplier list for under Dept 16 



All masks come with the option of ELASTIC or CLOTH STRAPS.  There is no guarantee any particular fabric design will be sent