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Well, you can teach an old dogs new tricks.. well less of the old, although is 50 old? anyway.. by chance l was chatting to a lady idly in a queue, as you do, and she asked me "what are your 3 words? 

Pardon? was my reply.. well after a brief explanation, (every inch of the world .. well every 3m square actually, is mapped with its very own unique 3 words) ... really? well yes... there's an app for mobiles as well as a PC version and you can type in your address and up they pop..

Incredible.... great for emergency services who can find you anywhere in the world, and here is deepest rural France?  a fantastic tool to help folk find you down dirt tracks (well how many of us live down those with no house number let alone a road name) ?

l tried it.. and this is my address: https://what3words.com/tolerant.chorused.species

Now as the space measured is every 3m x 3m l have equally lovely if not scrumptiously weird ones to chose from

How about:

 or https://what3words.com/prickles.payback.waitress ?  or   https://what3words.com/ballads.traversed.renovates

 or even   https://what3words.com/hyphens.confessions.souvenir ?


Just some of the very strange names for my location

What are yours? 




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