Carse Makes By Fiona Paterson

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After visiting an old stomping ground in Bridport, Dorset, l was sitting in bed in the hotel after a very long day traipsing around doing "stuff".... watching pretty much what can only be described as rubbish on TV (usual stuff) when my phoned pinged. 

Pretty much, as most people, unable to resist the call of the mobile, l opened a message from Fiona to learn that l had been the winner of a competition l had entered asking which  "would l choose" if l was given the opportunity.

l chose one and said why " The very elegant gentleman teddy in the middle with the scrumptious bow tie and call him Jack....and why? My late father was a lovely gent, "old school" style...always wore a hat and tie and blazer... Lived to help and further inspire and teach others as a junior school teacher.... The teddy with the red dickie bow...Jack"

l almost cried....

l was so elated and with it had mixed emotions.

l sent Fiona an old shirt and tie of my late father's and overwhelmed, here he is:



If you have been inspired to have a keepsake make and wish to remember someone special. please visit Fiona's Facebook page where you will be able to find information on her business and what she is able to create.




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